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Bogdan Kierejsza graduated from the Fryderyk Chopin Academy of Music in Warsaw in 1997. He received first class honour at the class of violin, supervised by the great Polish violin virtuoso prof. Konstanty Andrzej Kulka. Since 1998 he continued his postgraduate studies. During 1993-2004 he completed his music education and took part in numerous international music competitions (in Holland, USA, Germany, Poland and other countries).

Bogdan Kierejsza is an acknowledged violin player, with a long-term concert experience. Firstly, an orchestra musician, than a member of the violin quartet and finally a soloist; he gave concerts almost on all continents. He has created the Catalogue of the Polish Violin Music and having mastered the material he gave series of concerts presenting Polish artists' , composers' and violin players', what includes playing music pieces from the past 300 years. Those concerts took place in many countries of Europe, America and Asia. Being considered a great ambassador of Polish culture abroad, he was rewarded by the Minister of Culture and Art in 1998 and obtained the artistic and scientific scholarship.

Since 1998, he has been working in the field of composition. He has created music for over 200 radio and TV commercials as well as music illustrations for various visual forms. A large number of mentioned works was broadcast not only in Poland but also in other European and Asian countries. Moreover they were based on different language versions. The clients of Bogdan Kierejsza's composing studio are the greatest advertising agencies on the Polish market, artistic agencies, production companies and motion picture studios. He has co-established the advertising agency "Pawłowicz&Partners" focusing professionals from his life`s experience. Additionally Bogdan co-operates with the Polish National Television and the Polish National Radio.

Bogdan Kierejsza has written music to various dance performances and choreographic arrangements broadcast by the Polish National Television on numerous occasions. The scope of his composing achievements is quite extensive, ranging from musical to fairytales settings, including broad symphonic illustrations of motion pictures and music devised for particular performances and cabarets.

He co-operates with the largest phonographic company on the Polish market such as: "Universal Music" and "Sony-BMG". His music arrangements or those which emerged with his collaboration are currently performed by the most famous artists of the Polish music scene. He also is an author of many remixes of famous hits.