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Music projects

Bogdan's Kierejsza composing interests are quite extensive. The scope of his music achievements ranges from advertisement compositions, through motion pictures symphonic landscapes, dance routines and choreography compositions, to casual pop music.

He participated in numerous projects. In 1999 an important event occurred in his career as he worked as an arranger and composer in a "Superb production" concert. He wrote "Ursynowska symphony" on the occasion of the season opening of the cultural year on Warsaw`s Ursynow. This work is an exceptional masterpiece, a true artistic collage which constitutes a combination of music, dance and laser animations performed by several dozens of artists. Additionally he composed an overture which enriches this particular work of art.

His musical output also includes other pieces created for dance and choreography spectacles for instance: he wrote music for famous Polish dance formation "Volt", three time Polish champion in funky style, which numerously added splendour by their performances to numerous events on Polish artistic scene. Equipped with Bogdan`s extraordinary music compositions "Volt" group, under the management of a famous choreographer Agustine Eguraola, won Polish Dance Championship.

Additionally he composed music for the choreography of a acrobat-circus duet "Acrobatic & Equilibristic Duo". Anna and Piotr Kwasniok won I prize on an International Circus Groups contest in China.

As a musical director, Bogdan participated in writing and arranging music for youth music groups in Ursynow Community Centre. Jaroslaw Wojciechowski created choreography to those projects and they were numerously broadcast by Polish National Television.

Bogdan is the author of the Warsaw Sports Olympics anthem. He created a CD, which consists new orchestrations of the Warsaw pre-war smash hits. Additionally his compositions may be found on Christmas collection CDs which contain the most popular, international pre-war carols.

He worked as an arranger for Model Life "Polish Queen" agency. He created musical setting for Miss Poland competition in 1998. While working with production companies like IAA or "Pawlowicz & Partners", he wrote music for promotional movies, which include productions for international corporations (VTS, Pall Mall). He created music for a documentary about Jan Paul II made by RAA Entertainment. Moreover Bogdan cooperates with Polish National Television and Polish National Radio. He composed musical background for daily schedule program, television competitions and credit titles.

He cooperates with the most prominent phonographic companies on the Polish market like "Sony BMG" or "Universal Music".

Music pieces arranged by him or those which emerged as a result of his collaboration with other musicians, were and are performed by the most famous artists on the Polish music scene. Michal Milowicz, Dariusz Kordek and Nazar are just few examples of people whom Bogdan worked with. He participated as a arranger and composer in creating records of such artists like Slawek Uniatowski - Pop Idol laureate, Monika Wisniewska - vocalist and lyrics author. Additionaly he worked as a producer and arranger in a special project of a Polish cabaret OT.TO. "Universal Music", in cooperation with Buffo Studio released a carol, written by Bogdan, under the theme "Christmas Lovers". This song was broadcast in several radio stations in Poland, while in some remained the most often played record in December 2003. Bogdan is also an author of many popular remixes.