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Film & Commercial

Bogdan Kierejsza has composed music for numerous television and radio advertisements as well as musical setting for all types of visual forms. He have been creating music compositions for advertising spots and radio ads for 11 years. He begun his career by collaborating with "OTO", motion picture studio, where in 1997 he wrote music for "Bakoma" yogurt ads. In 1998 he started working with "Group 66" that resulted in further activity, for instance: "ELF" motor oil or "Tymbark" juice commercials.

Currently Bogdan's Kierejsza clients include the biggest advertisement agencies, production companies and motion picture studios on the Polish market, such as: Grey, Graffiti Film, Group66 Ogilvy, ITI, Red8, Opus Film, OTO, Orka, TPS, Naive Films, Lemon, Art Shop, McCann Erickson, Banana Split, EURO RSCG, Pro Production, Sonoria, Sonica, Kobart, Sonofect, Post Meridian, Green, Cafe Ole and many other. He composed music for over 200 television and radio advertisements. A substantial number of them was broadcast in numerous language versions, not only in Poland but also in other European and Asian countries.

In collaboration with International Advertisement Association (IAA) Poland and ITI group he participated in social campaigns, composing music for commercial spots advertising assertiveness - "Put your foot down" and "Drink Milk" campaign. He also cooperated with "Pawłowicz & Partners" agency where he created music for international corporations (VTS, Pall Mall).

Bogdan Kierejsza worked with other foreign media companies, for instance: Dubai Palm Film from Saudi Arabia, Romanian Multimedia Est or TBWA/ Merlin that initiated music compositions for commercial spots: among others "Bonno" advertisement campaign or series of commercials for Romanian "Petrom". He is also closely connected with Polish National Television. He created music background for daily schedule program, television competitions and credit titles.