zmień język


The nature of my employment lies in creation of custom-made music ( preserved in the style specified by the contracting party and adjusted to the needs of the enterprise). I devise music for motion pictures, television programs and advertisements, radio stations, plays, promotional and advertising events etc.

My musical education combined with an extensive work experience places my offer among the most attractive on the market, not only in the respect of the price. I have acquired my skills while cooperating with the biggest advertisement agencies and motion picture studios in Poland and abroad. I encourage you to engage yourself in collaboration with me and you shall find my services invaluable, as my previous partners did. I consider myself a composer who above all adores challenges therefore I would really appreciate exceptionally demanding artistic tasks.

Please visit my web site. There you will find two sections where you can acquaint yourselves with my composer accomplishments. You may as well listen to some music or watch advertisements with my compositions.

Enjoy and I encourage you to cooperate with me.